Jin's Bottle Babies is AT CAPACITY and NOT able to intake at this time.

Jin's Bottle Babies

501c3 Bottle Baby Kitten Rescue in Phoenix, AZ


Jin's Bottle Babies is a 501c3 Bottle Feeding Kitten Rescue in Phoenix, Arizona.  We focus our intakes on kittens under two weeks of age needing bottle feeding in order to survive. All of the kittens we rescue will eventually be placed up for adoption. 

Our goals

Neonatal Kitten Care


Provide careful, quality care to neonatal kittens under our rescue and collaborate with individuals within the community to better meet the needs of bottle baby kittens

Educate and Empower the Public


Educate the public on the importance of sterilizing (spaying and neutering) pets and community/free roaming cats and empowering people to get involved in the process.

Participate in Prevention


Engage in TNR inbetween "Kitten Seasons" and assist the individuals who surrender bottle baby kittens to our rescue in spaying/neutering/TNRing cats in their area.


About the Bottle Feeders

Brandon and Shelbi U.

Brandon and Shelbi Uyehara are a husband and wife team who started bottle feeding kittens while attending graduate school.  What began as a hobby has turned into a very beloved, shared passion. We have bottle fed for multiple rescues throughout the Phoenix metropolitan area and co-founded Bottle Baby Fosters in 2018.  We decided to found Jin's Bottle Babies after developing a deeper understanding of our values as bottle feeders, the vulnerabilities of abandoned kittens, and the overwhelming need for quality, specialized care.  We hope Jin's Bottle Babies will provide us with a platform to practice our values as individuals within the rescue community and help save the most vulnerable lives- bottle baby kittens!